Drop/Add is over for 16 week classes

The Drop/Add Adjustment period for the full semester 16 week classes is over. If you want to withdraw from a class you have until March 21st to contact your instructor via your WTCC email, and ask to be withdrawn from the class. There will not be a refund and it is always a good idea to meet with your financial aid counselor to see how withdrawing might effect your award. Before you withdraw, you can still find many resources to help if you had a not-so-successful start to your semester. The Individual Learning Center (ILC) can help with individual tutoring. The STEM center can help with Math and Science courses. REAL helps with writing, SPEAK helps with speeches and the Foreign Language Center (FLC) can help with Foreign Language classes. There are many other resources here on campus to help so take advantage of all you can http://www.waketech.edu/student-services/counseling-services/academic-success-centers