Previously six simple steps were shared to help you elevate yourself to the next level of success in 2017. The third of the six steps is:

Search out and utilize Wake Technical Community College’s available resources.

What becomes of your future depends heavily upon your determination to use every resource available to best ensure your success. One of the major keys to personal and professional success is the ability to be resourceful (being skillful at finding and acting promptly on solutions to challenges). Being resourceful involves being flexible (being able to modify your plans and actions in response to altered circumstances or conditions). Being resourceful means never giving up or quitting, but, adapting quickly to circumstances and conditions – persisting single mindedly with unrelenting determination until you achieve your dream(s) and goal(s).

To help you succeed, Wake Tech provides a wide variety of resources; but, it’s not just Wake Techs available resources that you need, it’s your resourcefulness to seek them out and use them wisely that will ultimately make the difference in your success. Zig Ziglar, a world renowned motivational speaker, stated “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Develop the attitude that you will become a resourceful person and that you will be flexible in your pursuit of success. See opportunity where others only see challenges. Take the opportunity today to seek out and use Wake Techs wide variety of resources.

In step one of this blog series five resources were introduced to readers. Now I invite you to research the many additional resources available to you at Wake Tech. Visit www.waketech.edu. At the top of the main page click Student Services. There you will find an array of services/resources designed to assist students like you who wish to enhance their college experience and achieve more in life. Explore the extraordinary resources that are available to help you succeed. Be resourceful and flexible. Utilize Wake Techs available resources to achieve the results you desire. Elevate to the next level of success in 2017. You can do it!