….Become A Better You


Previously six simple steps were shared to help you elevate yourself to the next level of success in 2017. The fourth of the six steps is:

Be sure to coordinate support and resources and then set concretely S.M.A.R.T. (Stretching, Meaningful, Action-oriented, Results-oriented, and Timely) goals.

By now you should have thoroughly researched the many resources available at Wake Tech. Armed with that wealth of information, it is imperative that you begin to coordinate the following:
• Support from the different individuals such as family, friends, your Success Coach and/or Success Counselor, etc. who are willing to help you. This is your “A” team. Their role is to help you succeed.
• Available Wake Tech resources you identified that are relevant to your needs.

Next, you want to set concretely S.M.A.R.T. (carefully considered) goals that consist of the following:
• Stretching goals that demand more from you and require you to challenge yourself to perform above average.
• Meaningful goals that give your life a sense of purpose and increase your sense of personal power (self-esteem).
• Action-oriented goals that require you to begin developing yourself in select key areas, building yourself up; moving/progressing daily in the direction of your dreams and goals (becoming who you need to be and doing what you need to do morally and ethically to achieve success).
• Results-oriented goals that require you to begin with the end-in-mind; goals that require you to measure your daily results to determine your movement/progression toward the achievement of your dreams and goals.
• Timely goals that give you a sense of urgency toward their attainment, but does not make you anxious or frustrated.

Take this fourth step in the …BECOME A BETTER YOU series and you will be well on your way to elevating yourself to the next level of success in 2017. You deserve it!