Single Stop Tax Preparation: Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Earned Income Tax Credit

Interested in receiving hundreds if not thousands of dollars simply by filing your taxes? The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) exists to help working families and individuals struggling to make ends meet. Continue reading to see if you qualify!

□ You worked during the prior calendar year (January-December) and did not earn more than the amount described in the table provided on the next page.
□ You have a Social Security number that is valid for employment.

□ You are a U.S. citizen or were a resident alien for the whole calendar year.

□ You are not filing Form 2555 or 2555-EZ (for Foreign Earned Income) with your tax return.

□ You are not using the married filing separately status on your tax return.

□ You have a child that meets all of the qualifying child rules OR you meet the rules for those without a qualifying child, outlined below.

Qualifying children must:
✓ Be your son, daughter, adopted child, stepchild, foster child, sibling, half-sibling, step-sibling or a descendant of them, such as a grandchild or niece/nephew.
✓ Be under age 19, or a full-time student under age 24, AND younger than you (or your spouse, if you are married) at the end of the tax year; OR any age if totally disabled.
✓ Live with you (or your spouse if filing jointly) in the U.S. for more than half the year.
✓ Not file a joint return for the tax year, if the child is married, unless the child
and their spouse did not have a separate filing requirement and filed jointly only to claim a refund.
✓ Have a Social Security Number that is valid for employment.

✓ Not be the qualifying child of another person.

If you do not have a qualifying child, you must:
✓ Have lived in the U.S. for more than half of the prior calendar year.
✓ Not be claimed as a dependent or qualifying child on anyone else’s return.
✓ Be at least 25 and less than
65-years-old at the end of the tax year OR have spouse who is.


Qualifying Children

Earned Income and AGI Limits*  

Maximum Credit

Single Married, Filing Jointly
0 $14,820 $20,330 $503
1 $39,131 $44,651 $3,359
2 $44,454 $49,974 $5,548
3 OR MORE $47,747 $53,267 $6,242

*Earned income includes wages, salaries, and tips. Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is calculated on a tax return and includes some unearned income and some deductions.

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