…..Becoming A Better You!


Previously six simple steps were shared to help you elevate yourself to the next level of success in 2017. The second of the six steps is:

Enlarge your vision of yourself. Know who you must become to achieve your definite desire. Do you have to become more humble, optimistic, focused, disciplined, committed, hard working, determined, etc.?

What does it mean to enlarge your vision of yourself? The story of Olympian, Roger Bannister, answers that question. In Bannister’s era, there was a common belief that humans were not capable of breaking the barrier of the four-minute mile run. Although such a feat had never been achieved, he did not allow it hinder his aspirations.

Bannister developed a larger vision of himself. He became who he had to become to overcome this barrier in his life and achieve his goal. He gave his goal his absolute best. With humility, optimism, focus, discipline, commitment, hard work, determination, etc., in 1954 he became the first human to run a sub-four-minute mile. He broke through the barrier. He achieved what others believed impossible.

In what way does Bannister’s story apply to you? It applies in this way: No matter what personal or academic barriers you may face, Enlarge your vision of yourself. Face barriers with humility, optimism, focus, discipline, commitment, hard work, determination, etc., and you can and will overcome them. Build a support team. Wake Tech provides support through a wide variety of campus resources. Do not allow your aspirations to be hindered. Seek out support. We are here to help you.

Bannister demonstrated that with an enlarged vision of you (and a support team), what once appeared to be an impossible barrier can and will be overcome. And, like him, you too can achieve the ‘impossible’. Enlarge your vision of yourself. Utilize Wake Techs campus resources. Know that the seemingly impossible is possible for you if you are willing to become who you must become, and are willing to do what must be done, to achieve your definite desire. Determine to become a better you. Strive to elevate yourself to the next level of success.

……Become A Better You.

Previously, we provided you six simple steps were shared to help you elevate yourself to the next level of success in 2017. The first of the six steps is:

Clearly know your definite desire (what you want) and its relationship to your overall aim in life (your passion & purpose). Begin with the end in mind.

This article will provide you with a detailed look at the first step and the Wake Tech resources that are available to help you get started.

There are seven different kinds of goals:
1. Physical (Health)
2. Financial
3. Career/Professional Development
4. Mental (Well being/Personal Development)
5. Social (Recreation/Interdependence)
6. Relationship Building
7. Spiritual (Moral/Ethical Leadership)

All seven kinds of goals have three similar characteristics:
1. They affect change
2. They are either short, mid-range or long-term
3. They are either small (minor) or big (major)

Oftentimes the difference between successful people and the “others” is that successful people set clear goals, are resourceful and they work day-to-day toward the attainment of their goals. So, to become a better, more successful you in 2017 set clear goals, utilize available Wake Tech resources and know what you want to achieve in each of the seven areas mentioned above. Also, set daily objectives (action steps) you will commit to take each day to achieve your goals.

Top 5 Things to Know to Receive Your Financial Aid Refund

Hey Students,

As you are adjusting to your class schedules, I  wanted to take the time to share some VERY IMPORTANT information with you. Alex and Clarissa from Financial Aid wanted to share with you 5 tips about receiving your financial aid refund. Let’s dive in!

  1. Read The Terms & Conditions


The Financial Aid Terms & Conditions must be completed each academic school year. The terms & conditions allows Wake Tech permission to apply financial aid towards cost of tuition, fees, books, and to disburse any remaining funds to you according to the refund option you selected.

  1. Accepting Student Loans But With Caution

REMEMBER: You have to REPAY students loans so be mindful of the amounts you borrow!

If you are planning to use loans to pay for any cost, the first step is to accept the loans in order to receive them. When offered loans you should log into your school account on Web Advisor and click the “My Financial Aid” link to accept.

  1. Know The Student Loan Requirements

When accepting your loan(s), you’ll need to complete the loan requirements on the www.studentloans.gov website in order to qualify for the loans and a refund disbursement. On this website, the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note MUST be completed as a part of the loan requirement.

  1. Activate Bank Mobile Account

It’s important that you set up your Bank Mobile account and select a refund option. There are three options to receive your refund: check, direct deposit, or Bank Mobile debit card. Activate your account and choose one of the options above in order to receive your Financial Aid refund.

  1. Pay Close Attention To Dates/Deadlines

In order to receive your refunds in a timely manner, complete all requirements by the posted Financial Aid scheduled deadlines. If you have registered for second mini semester classes refunds will be received after the mini semester classes have started. You are eligible for that refund after attending the second mini semester class for at least 30 days. The Financial Aid Refund schedule for each semester of the current school year can be found on the Wake Tech Financial Aid site, http://www.waketech.edu/student-services/financial-aid/financial-aid-refunds.For any additional questions, you can contact the Financial Aid office at financialaid.waketech.edu.

To learn more information about available resources offered by Single Stop, click here.

Program Spotlight: Pathways Male Mentoring Services


Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, the NC Community College System (NCCCS) redesigned the Minority Male Mentoring Program to more closely align with student success initiatives currently taking place throughout the system.  This new model is designed to strengthen minority male student outcomes by encouraging participation and collaboration among students and college departments. The goal of the NCCCS’s redesign—the Minority Male Success Initiative (MMSI)—is to address and increase the progression and completion rates of first-year minority male students. More specifically, this initiative seeks to address the progression of first-year minority male students, while increasing their utilization of campus resources and services.

The mission of Pathways Male Mentoring Services at Wake Technical Community College is to increase the academic engagement and success rates of the first-year Minority Male student at Wake Tech. We plan to offer our services through campus collaborations, partnerships, and initiatives that contribute to retention, and ultimately, lead to graduation.

In line with statewide NCCCS mandates and to help achieve the mandated goals, Pathways Male Mentoring Services, Wake Tech’s branch of the statewide MMSI,  will engage in the following efforts: Peer Mentoring of students within the First Year Experience Program (a collaboration with success counselors in the Student Success Department), middle and high school mentoring (a collaboration with Wake County Public Schools) and joint monthly/per semester Wake Tech campus-wide motivational sessions and summits (a collaborative partnership with the Title III Success Coaching department).  Pathways will work to encourage deliberate and intentional interactions between its target student population and the Wake Tech campus community.

Although our focus is more-so on male students, Pathways will host initiatives that are open to and benefit all students.  You are invited! Our highly anticipated initiatives for the spring 2017 semester include Monthly Perseverance Sessions on the main and northern wake campuses, a Career Industry Tour(held on Monday, 3/13, during spring break) and our “B.O.O.S.T.  M.E.” Summit scheduled for Friday, April 7th,  on our main campus.

Please stay tuned to the Wake Tech student portal and Wake Tech XTRA for updated information and advertising for our initiatives and programs.  For further information, Feel free to reach the Pathways Coordinator by email, at pathwaysmentoring@waketech.edu, or wckincy@waketech.edu.




The key to enjoying a better new year, and a better life, is to become a better you. While it is challenging, when approached as a collaborative effort between you, Wake Tech, and community resources, next level success is not difficult.


To become a better you follow these six simple steps:



Clearly, know your definite desire (what you want) and its relationship to your overall aim in life (your passion & purpose). Begin with the end in mind.



Enlarge your vision of yourself. Know who you must become to achieve your definite desire. Do you have to become more humble, optimistic, focused, disciplined, committed, hard working, determined, etc.?


Search out and utilize Wake Technical Community College’s available resources.


Be sure to coordinate support and resources then set concretely S.M.A.R.T. (Stretching, Meaningful, Action-oriented, Results-oriented, and timely) goals.



Prioritize your goals and create a strategic plan for the execution and achievement of each of your S.M.A.R.T. goals.




Be confident. Have faith in your ability. Persevere. Persist. Sacrifice. Be Resilient. Do whatever is morally and ethically necessary to make your definite desire and ultimate aim in life your reality.

Begin practicing these six simple steps today and elevate yourself to the next level of success in 2017. Begin bettering yourself today to enjoy a better life tomorrow, so you can begin experiencing next level success in the very near future.

Welcome Back Students



Hey Students,

Happy New Year! I hope the holiday break was kind to you and your families and it also provided you the necessary time to “recharge” for the new year. For those that are returning from last semester, welcome back and to those that are starting their academic journey today, welcome aboard! Us here at the Single Stop office are extremely excited to inform you about the services we will be providing this spring semester.

Now that 2017 is here, we are now focusing on the tax season. For the second year, The Single Stop office will be providing FREE tax preparation services to all students and qualified family members. Operating hours for the tax center will be Monday – Thursday, 11am-3pm and on Friday, 10am-2pm. The tax center will be located on the main campus in SSB 206. For those who attend other campuses and are not able to come to the main campus, we will coordinate to ensure you can still benefit and receive FREE tax preparation. All you have to do as students is email us at singlestop@waketech.edu and we can get you scheduled for an appointment.

Something else to look for from the Single Stop office is monthly themes. January is known as the national mentoring month. Mentoring is vital to your personal development. As you navigate through college and the workforce, having a mentor is an excellent resource for you to glean information to learn. Single Stop is all about connecting students to resources and with this month’s theme being mentoring, we are highlighting Pathways Male Mentoring Services. Later in the month, we will have a guest post from William Kincy, Pathways Male Mentoring Services Coordinator, and he will provide you some information about Pathways and how to connect with the program.

Make sure you look for “Motivational Mondays.” I know sometimes it can be tough transitioning from a week to week without bottoming out. Motivational Monday will hopefully provide you some ideas to reflect on as you navigate through the coming week.

I don’t want to keep you too long. I just wanted to send you a quick message to remind you that we are here to provide resources and that we are in service to your success. If you are not connected with us on our social media accounts, you can find us here:

Instagram: @wtccsinglestop
Twitter: @WTCCSingleStop

Let’s make 2017 a great year!

Ballin’ on a budget: How to make economical meals!

Meal planning is great for saving time, but, preferably, it should save you cash, too. And when you are on a strict meal, budget planning may be quite the task. If you do not have much grocery cash to work alongside, and you’re perhaps not sure

Search for Meal-Stretching Ingredients

If you want to begin anything else, you should have an idea of just what recipes and foods are the most cost-effective. Search for affordable ingredients that nevertheless have some health value.

  1. Pasta bake


A traditional student failsafe, spaghetti bake doesn’t need to be the cheese-laden eyesight we imagine on reading the words. Let store cupboard staples like pasta and tinned tomatoes end up being your base and next get imaginative with your favorites veg, herbs and try reduced-fat crème fraîche for a lovely surface with less of this stodge.

  1. one-pan rice


With a bag of rice within the cupboard you’re never even more than 15 mins from fulfilling and speedy dinner. Make your grains brown or wholegrain for added health qualifications.

  1. Thai curry


Pack your shop cupboard full of Thai spices, curry paste and coconut milk and you’ll be prepared to whip up a traditional Asian curry, whatever the occasion.

  1. Omelettes


Eggs are an inexpensive supply of high quality protein and are also rich in nutrients and minerals. Whipping up an omelette for one couldn’t be easier, making for a fast meal or fulfilling solo dinner.

  1. Overlap Ingredients


Since you wish to get the maximum benefit out of your meals, performance is crucial. You can make use of the above pointed out apps to instantly plan your dishes based on the recipes you like. But let’s say you have got five great, cheap recipes that all have very various components. Well, you may maybe not make use of the entire pack of mushrooms you purchase for a spaghetti. Clearly, you don’t wish to waste the leftovers. Therefore right here are a few options for overlapping components:

  1. Plan using an inverted pyramid pattern:


You start with your biggest food, then work your way down, adding new dishes according to just what might be leftover from the very first dinner. So each added dinner includes components through the past dishes.

  1. Get Deeper Discounts


It’s easy to discover completely what’s on sale. But there are methods you can get also deeper discounts on your own food.

Couponing isn’t for everybody; however, if you see an approach to do it effectively, it can considerably reduce your expenditures.

  1. Tight Schedule? Come up with a Plan B

When you’re on a specifically tight schedule, you may not have the time to make lists or appear up dishes, since menial as those jobs may seem. In certain cases like this, it’s easy to throw in the towel and simply order take-out. To prevent blowing your budget, have a Plan B in position.

Here’s one idea for an Arrange B: generate a backup variety of your effortless, go-to ingredients and dishes. Shop it on your own telephone, or someplace easily obtainable. When you don’t have enough time to program,

Dinner preparation seems simple. But in reality, tight budgets and schedules can make it difficult to prepare ahead for cost effective dishes. . To eat well on a budget, establish a system that includes strategies for saving, a backup plan, and ways to avoid waste.

Looking for more tips on how to save $$$, visit https://waketech.singlestoptechnologies.com/ to see what resources you are potentially eligible for!

Remember to visit the Single Stop office located at:

  • Main Campus (SSB 19 &21)
  • NWC ( NB 137A)
  • PHSC ( HS2 111)




Wake Tech has partnered with Single Stop, a non-profit organization, to provide students with easier access to a wide range of resources and benefits.

Housing, child care, health insurance, finances, and all kinds of issues can create barriers for students trying to complete their academic programs and graduate. Single Stop helps by partnering with colleges to provide a wider array of student services, so students can stay focused on their academic goals.

Now, students can get screened quickly and conveniently for benefits. Wake Tech Single Stop uses specially-designed software to complete screenings rapidly. Staff members assist students in applying for benefits – and follow up to make sure they’re getting all that they qualify for.

  • Free tax preparation
  • Benefits counseling
  • Financial counseling
  • Legal advice and representation
  • Referrals for other campus and community resources

Services are free for Wake Tech students who qualify and their family members.