Career & Employment Resources

The Career & Employment Resources Department offers the following services to you:

  • Resume Writing Assistance
  • College Central Network as a job searching tool
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Career Exploration Labs

For more information, visit I Call 919-866-5695 I Or stop by!

9 thoughts on “Career & Employment Resources

  1. One normal misguided judgment is that students need their career goals and plans made sense of before going to the Career Center. As a general rule, such a significant number of our administrations enable understudies to think about their interests, skills, and values and investigate vocation choices that will line up with those keeping in mind.

  2. A normal misconception is that students need their career goals and plans to make sense before going to the career center. As a general rule, such a large number of executives enable alternate actors to consider their interests, skills and values, and to investigate career choices that will be kept in mind.

  3. This is one of the best article on opinion Employment and Career you will have to work first in Interviewing Skills and Resume Writing because this is first step to built your personality

  4. Business Resources has attempted to enhance the work results for people with handicaps by giving bosses gifted and very much prepared people. We enable people with handicaps to demonstrate their capacities and live better lives through strong vocations.

  5. Resume Writing Assistance, Interviewing Skills these 2 skills are very helpful to you in your carrier because of Resume are the first impression that goes in the company from your side i saw many people didn’t make their resume in a proper way that is why their application is rejected before the interview and the second is Interviewing Skills many people have faced problems while they give interview they are confusing while giving answer to interviewer

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