First Year Academy

Are you transferring to a 4-year school? Wake Tech’s First Year Academy (FYA) is dedicated to promoting student success by teaching strategies that help students achieve their educational goals. The e-newsletter will contain “fun facts” by our dedicated faculty as well as submissions from students.

FYA Fun Fact:

 A Student Reflection on the Benefits of Taking ACA 122 (College Transfer Success) Submitted by Adam Festa, Associate in Arts Student, Physician Assistant Major

In ACA 122, I learned a lot more than I expected about my college career. During this course, I looked at my plans for college and ended up changing them completely. I was originally planning on finishing a bachelor’s degree at ECU, continuing to Physician Assistant (PA) School at ECU, and continuing a career in the Army as a PA. I learned through an assignment that there is a much more effective route to starting my career in the Army. This course allowed me to find the most effective and prosperous way to achieve my goals and is a great course for students who have little knowledge of how college works or their career path.

In addition, this course helped me through the semester by teaching me great study skills and test-taking skills. During the lesson on test-taking, I had a philosophy test that I was not fully prepared for. Luckily a few hours before the test, I learned a handful of test-taking strategies that I applied to my philosophy test. Later, I learned that I earned an 86% on that test! All the lessons learned in this course were practical lessons used in and outside of the classroom.

Finally, ACA 122 is a great course to take to learn researching skills! In a world run by technology, this course not only teaches students how to achieve their academic goals, it also teaches students how to find the information they need, which is critical to their college career.

Registered for spring yet? There’s still time to enroll in ACA 122!

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