Hurricane Florence: Watching, Waiting, but are you Prepared?

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The buzz this week is all about Hurricane Florence.

Administrators and staff at Wake Tech are monitoring local forecasts as the track and impacts from the hurricane come into perspective.  The best thing to do right now is to make sure you are as prepared as possible and that means making sure you’re able to get messages from the college.

If you are not signed up for Wake Tech Warn, do it!  The college will send you text notifications as conditions warrant.

Wake Tech Warn

You’re also invited to follow Wake Tech on Twitter, @waketechcc.  Wake Tech’s twitter feed is a great place to find breaking news from the college as well as updates on the go.

For preparedness and safety tips, the National Weather Service has some great information.

Assemble Disaster Supplies

Be Safe, Be Ready!

24 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence: Watching, Waiting, but are you Prepared?

  1. Yall should close school starting tomorrow (Tuesday) so that students have a chance to prepare. I have two children and with school there is no way I could prepare. They are predicting 18 inches of rain. I live on the nuese river. I might have to evacuate. I hope you are taking the safety of your students into consideration.

  2. I think it would be a good idea for wake to close Wednesday due to the fact that their is a high change of 10-13 inches of rain. I use lyft so it’s not all the time I would be able to attend due to transportation not being available.

  3. I’m an online student and Twice now my teacher has made zero accommodations in regard to this storm.
    Before, Homework due on Wednesday after campuses were closed, to allow us students who work full-time and attend college classes to prepare for the storm.
    And now again, with homework due tonight with no regard that over 1,000 households in Wake Co. are still out of power, but that does not guarantee internet service.
    All Campuses are closed for MONDAY Sept 17th….
    I would say that you address how you deal your online classes during “states of emergency” and hurricanes going forward.
    Extremely disappointed.

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  5. The campus is closed on October 11th due to inclement weather; However, the teacher has stated to take the test at home instead of in class as planned and added make-up homework since the campus is closed???? Is this standard practice?

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