Greg Ganzel — Leading the Way to Success

Greg Ganzel —  Leading the Way to Success

Greg Ganzel Business Analytics

Greg Ganzel Business Analytics

Preparing for his career in analytics, Greg Ganzel has taken full advantage of every opportunity  to prepare for his new career pathway. Since his he transitioned to North Carolina in 2013, he has been a full-time student within the Business Analytics program, completed an internship program, enrolled in his last semester and spent countless hours with his professors here at the Western Wake Campus. This doesn’t include all of his special projects that he has contributed countless hours on completing. For example, the Data4Decisions Student Poster competition in March 2015.

To discover more about Greg, click here to view his full student profile, view his student poster and a video that explains his work in detail.

“I’ve been really happy about being able to come in to office hours here. I don’t know that anyone has come in more than me. . . Having an actual PhD professor in there for hours for three-four days a week is something you don’t see frequently at the undergraduate level. I’ve been taking advantage of that.”