Video Series: Student’s Showcase

On November 9th, 2015, the Business Analytics department hosted its second annual Student Showcase Industry Meet and Greet event at WTCC Main Campus. Selected Business Analytics and Global Logistics students shared individual presentations. To view the presentations, click on the links provided below. Special thanks to all of the continued support represented from industry, faculty, staff, and students.

George Kariuki: Learning Analytics – Many Tools, Core Methods

Melissa Strong: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

Elizabeth West: Learning by Competing – Kaggle Competitions

Matt Rosenbloom: Predicting Survival on the Titanic – A Data Mining Exercise

Elizabeth Green: Predicting Grant Approval Using Logistic Regression

Kate Pattison: Social Media Marketing – Using Twitter Analytics at Work

Shoshana Collins: The Triangle’s Best Kept Real Estate Secret

Kyle McCarthy: Baseball Analytics – Moneyball

Randy Davis: College Football Bowl Eligibility – Predicting Winning Seasons

Robert Schaaf: Predictive Analytics with SAS and R

Gregory Ganzel: Predicting Association Membership – A Real-World Example