Students’ Showcase

Student Showcase and Industry Meet & Greet: A Huge Success

On November 9th, 2015, the Business Analytics department hosted its second annual Student Showcase Industry Meet and Greet event at WTCC Main Campus. Selected Business Analytics and Global Logistics students shared individual presentations. To view the presentations, click here to view the list of students who presented at the event.


Si Wong — Mastering the Art of Applying Analytics in the Workplace

Si Wong Business Analytics

Si Wong
Business Analytics


Taking advantage of the online BAS courses, Si was able to complete two certificates, received a raise in pay and was accepted into an MBA program. Si Wong stated that “a lot of the things I learned in the program I was able to apply right into what I was doing everyday at work. It provided me a lot of insights and reinforced what I had learned and what I was doing.”

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Kate Pattison — Choosing Her Own Adventure


Kate Pattison Business Analytics

Kate Pattison is the Director of Grant Projects and Planning at Wake Technical Community College (WTCC) and helped develop and write the Business Analytics (BAS) grant.

Ms. Pattison describes the BAS program as “pretty outstanding.” She believes the program is rigorous and comparable to competitive programs in other schools because it is accelerated and the courses are compressed into short periods of time.

Ms. Pattison utilizes the skills she is learning in her current position as Director of Grants: “you learn some Python and you learn R and you learn SAS. By the time you get into the advanced certificate, you can kinda choose your own adventure.”

Click here to learn more about Kate Pattison and the project she submitted that won her First Place at the Data4Decisions Conference in Raleigh this past March.

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Donald Webb — In Pursuit of Continuous Learning


Donald “Don” Webb Business Analytics

Donald Webb is committed to continuing his pursuit of learning in practical ways by remaining focused on his long range goals, understanding the value of the courses that Business Analytics program currently offers, and his willingness to share his 30+ years of advice both as an educator and student with his fellow classmates.

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“I think this program, no matter what I did, is the right thing to do.”


Aaron White — Making the Political Connection


Aaron White Business Analytics

Aaron White received his Business Intelligence certificate from the Business Analytics program in Spring 2015. Currently, he is working on his next certificate. The courses he attended, while at Wake Tech, has offered real-time learning experiences in regressions and modeling that has helped him within the political nonprofit organization where he is currently employed.

“I have the international affairs background, but I knew this would enhance by experience and resume. Again, it is something that is becoming increasingly important in my field. I sought this program out — it fits very well with being able to work a pretty demanding job. It’s a flexible program, but also challenging.”

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Greg Ganzel —  Leading the Way to Success

Greg Ganzel Business Analytics

Greg Ganzel Business Analytics

Preparing for his career in analytics, Greg Ganzel has taken full advantage of every opportunity  to prepare for his new career pathway. Since his he transitioned to North Carolina in 2013, he has been a full-time student within the Business Analytics program, completed an internship program, enrolled in his last semester and spent countless hours with his professors here at the Western Wake Campus. This doesn’t include all of his special projects that he has contributed countless hours on completing. For example, the Data4Decisions Student Poster competition in March 2015.

To discover more about Greg, click here to view his full student profile, view his student poster and a video that explains his work in detail.

“I’ve been really happy about being able to come in to office hours here. I don’t know that anyone has come in more than me. . . Having an actual PhD professor in there for hours for three-four days a week is something you don’t see frequently at the undergraduate level. I’ve been taking advantage of that.”


Alavia Yahya — Keeping Analytics Real


Alavia Yahya Business Analytics

Alavia Yahya joins us with a degree in biological sciences. She brings with her a solid understanding statistics and how to use information to predict actions and the importance of improving things based on the information that is currently available.

“It’s been a good experience. I would recommend [the BAS program] to anyone who is thinking about whether this is something they may be interested in. This is a good starting point for that.”

Click here to read Alavia Yahya’s full profile and the poster that she submitted for the Data4Decisions conference in March 2015 at the Raleigh Convention Center.


Bob Schaaf–Leading the Way & Improving Efficiency through Analytics


Bob Schaaf, Business Analytics

Bob Schaaf, is currently seeking a degree in Wake Technical Community College Business Analytics Program while working full-time. He shares his journey as he attends classes, gains valuable programming skills, and learns the value of becoming well versed in understanding the importance and value of data within business and how to strategically intertwine his understanding of analytics with his mastery of logistics. Take a few moments to learn more about Bob and how Wake Tech’s Business Analytics program can help you become ready for a career in analytics.