Triangle Data Happenings

 Contributed by: Chris D. Mathews, Business Analytics Student

Here is a quick summary of Technology events coming up in the next few months. These events are great to attend, they give the opportunity to see how other people are working with data and the impact they are making with data, to network with people in the industry and add experience to your resume to distinguish you from other recent graduates.

Besides the big events, the Triangle has a great number of groups that meet monthly to discuss data analytics, big data and programming.  They’re also great places to network with people.

In general, go to and type in what you’re interested in.  You’re sure to find a group out there already discussing it. To get you started, here are some suggestions you may to check out.

RTP Analysts – a group for data enthusiasts in the RTP area.  They meet all over – Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh.  Sometimes in-depth technical discussions and sometimes just to get lunch.

Triangle Python Users Group – a group dedicated to Python, one of the most versatile and powerful tool for working with data available.

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill R Users Group – The R language and environment is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of statistical computing and the platform of choice for data analysts and research scientists.

There are quite a few sites out there that host data competitions where people compete to answer problems posed by the organizers.  Sometimes there is prize money or swag or just bragging rights.  In any case they look great on a resume.

Kaggle – Companies and researchers post data and have competitions to where data analysts all over the world compete for the best solution.

DrivenData – A site with data competitions awarding prizes and bragging rights.

Knight News Challenge – A new challenge on using data to inform and empower people and communities – with $3 million in funding.

On the horizon, there are several events in the early planning stage with data analytics focus.

The Triangle United Way Innovation Challenge – Using the power of data to combat childhood hunger.

Data4Decisions – A conference & expo focusing on data and how it’s being used in organizations, both public and private.

Triangle Open Data Days – A hackathon and showcase to work on open data and see what others are doing in the field.