EPIC News: Summer 2016

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EPIC Goal: Reduce online learning barriers and support student learning,
persistence, and success in online courses.


EPIC Student Testimony

“Thank you for the eLearning Intro–it covers everything to a T.”
 –Shalisa Davis, new student attending the spring 2016 Open House
Student, Salisa Davis

Using Applied Benchmarking and EPIC Training for Best Practices in Online Classes

Using Videos to Build Perseverance, Resilience and Success in Online Students

Karen Dawes, Associate Professor Sociology

Karen Dawes, Associate Professor Sociology, is putting her EPIC training and knowledge to great use: student success and retention and her 2015-2016 Benchmarking project- “Using Videos to Build Perseverance, Resilience and Success in Online Students”.

EPIC’s goal is to reduce online learning barriers and support student learning, persistence, and success in online courses. Training in Growth Mindset (opens in new window) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN34FNbOKXc ] mentality is one of the strategies used to achieve this goal. Karen embraces and believes in Growth Mindset and she uses this strategy to develop and create the videos for her classes. In spring 2016,  Karen created and inserted approximately 27 videos into her courses that covered Growth Mindset, Online Expectations and Time management, Instructional Videos and “how to use” Blackboard. Each video was deeply explored, created with a specific goal in mind and when it was added into the course, it was strategically placed in the course to motivate her students.

Karen stated “It has been a great pleasure feeling like I am connecting with my students using videos of me. Also, I have loved using videos from eLearning Intro to teach students about growth mindset and BB skills.”  Karen used many of the short videos from the eLearning Intro (check them out in eLearning Resource Center – Student Support > eLearning Intro videos) In addition, she placed a skills folder of the videos she thought would be good ones for students to watch again in Course Resources.

To read Karen’s entire benchmarking please log in to the WTCC portal (opens in new window) or type in https://secure.waketech.edu/eaglesnest/benchmark/search_benchmarks.php and search 2015-2016 benchmarking for Karen Dawes “Using Videos to Build Perseverance, Resilience and Success in Online Students.”

Congratulations to EPIC Certified Faculty

The following WTCC Curriculum Faculty Members have recently completed their EPIC certification, either through EPIC 30 or Peer Review… Congratulations!

Abigail Reiter
Adrianne Leinbach
Alden Berry
Allison Fox
Amy Minor
Angela Washington
Anna Sparks
Ashita Patel
Audra Kallimanis
Brandon Crews
Carla Osborne
Chris Farnung
Claire McElvaney
Dawn Harvel
Deborah Hadley
Deborah Sowell
Denise Barton
Diane Albahrawy
Eileen Sweeney
Elizabeth Roberson
Ellen Horne
Geoffrey Harris
George Cox
Gregory Johnson
Jacqueline Popp
James Harr
Janie Slaughter
Joan Romano
Julie Evans
Karen Dawes
Katherine Moore
Kathleen Worsdale
Kelly Murray
Kelly Sutton
Kim Olds
Kimberly Cornell
Laurie Brousseau
Malorie Winters
Mandy Kelly
Mark Monsky
Matthew Henry
Melanie Thomas
Micheal Chi
Michelle Capps
Natalie Aman
Natasha Trent
Patrick Fargo
Paula Rosen
Phillip Enkema
Roger Wooten
Ryan Pescosolido
Samantha Cox
Sheri Narin
Sophia Arias
Stephanie Bacik
Stephanie Grossman
Susan Engel
Susan Guerrant
Tammi Wilcox
Thomas Rankin
Tony Ruffin
Tracey Cole
Traci Rowe
Tracy Cheatham
William Strickland

Paula Rosen, Administrative Dept. Head, Office Administration

EPIC group in limited edition shirts

EPIC Certified Faculty—Please remember to wear your EPIC Shirts to convocation!

EPIC Stats!

Great job Wake Tech faculty! Thank you so much for embracing EPIC and moving forward with your certification process. The following statistics, as reported by June 23, 2016, show an overwhelming amount of you are already heavily involved or completed EPIC certification.

  • Peer Review Certified – 15
  • EPIC30 Certified – 26
  • EPIC30 online faculty with between 24-29 hours – 53
  • EPIC30 online faculty with between 23-18 hours – 60
  • EPIC30 online faculty with between 17-10 hours – 75
  • EPIC30 online faculty with between 9-5 hours – 56
  • EPIC30 online faculty with between 4-1 hours – 51
  • Not started – 57

EPIC Opportunities

August 12, 2016 EPIC Information Sessions for New Curriculum Faculty Attending Quick Start

  • EPIC Packets: Pick them up at the EPIC Table!

EPIC30: 9:45am-11:35am

  • Session Location: PLM 216
  • Session Description: Become familiar with the EPIC Pathway One (EPIC 30) online teaching certification process. This session will cover the QEP’s objectives, the importance and benefits of certification, and core concepts covered in the classes.

E-Learning Intro Session: 10:45am-11:35am

  • Session Location: PLM 224
  • Session Description:  Become familiar with the online education preparation process for students taking distance education courses at WTCC. This session covers the goals of EPIC, an overview of material presented in the eLearning Intro, and how this online orientation focuses on student success.

August 15, 2016 Convocation

  • EPIC Certified Curriculum Faculty, please wear your EPIC Certified polo shirt to Convocation!

EPIC Ambassador

If you are interested in becoming an EPIC Ambassador, please contact Patrick Williams at pbwilliams@waketech.edu for more information.

EPIC Travels Near and Far

Our eLearning Intro tote bags have been busy and are showing up in some pretty interesting places…

Kay Ruth and the traveling eLearning tote

Kay Ruth, Individualized Learning Center Instructor Coordinator, traveled to Seward, Alaska and made sure she was EPICally prepared by taking her eLearning tote with her.

Please share your pics of your tote travel with us! It is exciting to see how far EPIC and eLearning travels. Send your pictures/stories to blhouse1@waketech.edu for our next edition of our EPIC News.

EPIC News Behind the Scenes…

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