EPIC News: October 2016

EPIC News October Edition 2016

EPIC Goal: Reduce online learning barriers and support student learning,
persistence, and success in online courses.

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EPIC30 Reflects Best Practices

“Overall, the EPIC 30 courses reflect best practices in design and delivery of asynchronous, online instruction. The courses are commendable: they represent efficient and effective presentation of content; the assessment activities support the learning objectives; and the content arrangement is appropriate in terms of sequence, lesson structure. The entire design seems appropriate to the learner population of higher education faculty who are presumably sophisticated readers, making particularly efficient use of text-based presentation.”

Dr. Abbie Brown, External Reviewer of EPIC 30 Courses
Instructional Technology, East Carolina University

EPIC Quick Facts 2015–2016

EPIC Quick Facts for 2015–2016 was officially released at WTCC’s fall 2016 Convocation, and the figures show the positive impact of EPIC and the eLearning Intro on our online student population. Our student population who are enrolled in at least one online course in the semester, unduplicated, increased from 9,128 in fall 2015 to 9,460 in spring 2016.

  • Pretest pass rates dropped (over 30% in some modules) after the launch of eLearning Intro version 2.0, but module pass rates remain high (95–99%).
  • Pre-test/post-module pass rates indicate student ability to identify online learning barriers and the strategies to overcome them, and online learning skills increased after taking the modules.
  • Little to no change in registration rates indicates that eLearning Intro is not a barrier for students entering WTCC.

After taking eLearning Intro Modules…

A majority of surveyed students said:

  • Time management had been or could be a barrier to being a successful online student (60%), but many believed they could manage their time better after taking the Expectations Management module (86%).
  • The Expectation Management module helped students develop skills for communicating with their instructors (86%), and few (7%) believed that communication with instructors would be a potential barrier to success once they entered online courses.
  • Students better understood the importance of hard work, perseverance, and effort (87%).
  • Students gained Blackboard skills through the eLearning Intro Module (48%), or have used Blackboard before (17%).

For more detailed information: https://go.waketech.edu/employee/initiatives/qep/Pages/Assessment.aspx (opens in new window)

In surveys administered mid- semester during 2016SP:

  • A majority of students and faculty said students are able to use online learning skills and navigate their online courses;
  • Students and faculty agree that time management,  communication with instructors, and collaboration with peers are challenging in online courses;
  • 30% of faculty respondents noticed an improvement in student’s online skills between 2015SP and 2016SP.

In end-of-course surveys, a majority of students indicated:

  • Course expectations were communicated, and course organization allowed for navigation.  These SLOs were above assessment targets (90%) for these surveys, and improved by 1% overall in priority courses from 2015FA to 2016SP.
  • They were able to communicate with instructors (88%) and collaborate with peers (87%), but these SLOs did not meet the 90% target.  Students indicated they value prompt feedback and meaningful interactions with faculty and peers that help them feel like they are not taking online courses alone.

For more information about EPIC use go.waketech, log in, then click on the EPIC link.

Look for These EPIC Faculty Professional Development Sessions!

Building Resilience for Online Student Completion (Oct. 14th, 10:00 a.m.)

Presenters: Amanda Brooks, PhD. Co-founder, STEMbrite, LLC, Chris Carson, MBA. Co-founder, STEMbrite, LLC
This presentation introduces participants to Growth Mindset theory and how it can be used to supplement existing online courses. The Mindset program represents an interdisciplinary approach, using video-driven lessons to bring together proven psychological theory, student testimonials, faculty advice, and adult learning pedagogy to support students as they encounter challenging academic work. Why Growth Mindset theory is so important to student success will be explained, with multiple real-world examples given. Participants will engage in interactive discussions.  Importantly, participants will receive a set of Best Practices and practical strategies that they can implement immediately in their online classes.

Peer Review as a Means to Online Certification (Oct. 14th, 10:05 a.m.)

Presenters: Jessica Hatcher, Peer Review Coordinator, Nicholas D’Agata, EPIC Team Member
This presentation will cover the peer review process and the revised peer review rubric. There will also be time for attendees to ask questions about the peer review pathway.

EPIC for Supervisors (Oct. 13th, 1:40 p.m.)

Presenter: Alison Consol, EPIC Online Certification Coordinator
Information session for supervisors of curriculum faculty on the EPIC certification process, mentoring program, expectations, college policy, and future QA checks of online courses.

EPIC Mentoring Updates (Oct. 13th, 1:40 p.m.)

Presenters: Tom Rankin, EPIC Team Member, Gregg Wallace, EPIC Team Member
The session is an update to the mentoring program and contains specific information about the pilot program that begins January 2017. It also outlines the processes to become a mentor and a mentee. The mentoring program is a comprehensive structure that provides initial and ongoing support for mentors in the form of professional development and creation of a professional learning community.

Paula Rosen, Administrative Dept. Head, Office AdministrationShow Your EPIC Pride!

Attention! If you are EPIC certified and plan on attending the North Carolina Community College System Conference on October 9, 2016 through October 11, 2016, please wear your EPIC Certified Blue Polo. There will be some sessions highlighting EPIC and we want to show our support to WTCC and EPIC!

Congratulations to EPIC Certified Faculty

The following WTCC Faculty Members have recently completed their EPIC certification, either through EPIC 30 or Peer Review. Congratulations!

Robyn Arnette
Amin Asfari
Phillip Dennis
Tyler Dockery
Kimberly Eaton
Lora Eddington
Verna Edwards
Kimberly Faircloth
Fae Goodman
Sarah Keeley
Rachel King
Lisa Martin
Susanne Mistric
Billie Rand
Christopher Roddenberry
Elizabeth Smith
Julia Smith
Jessica Soto
Adam Stanley
Kimberly Taft
Patricia Taylor
John Wells
David Wilhelm
Allyson Woolard
Corey Kittrell
Michael Schore
Sharron RogersSharron Rogers holding EPIC Certificate and Polo Shirt

EPIC Certified Faculty—Please contact Alison Consol ajconsol@waketech.edu or Beverly House blhouse1@waketech.edu to receive your limited edition EPIC Certified Polo

EPIC Faculty Testimony

Natalie Aman, Instructional Program Coordinator, Supply Chain ManagementI believe the eLearning Intro is making a big impact on our students. I have noticed a significant decrease in the number of questions about Blackboard over the last two semesters.”

Natalie Aman, Instructional Program Coordinator,
Supply Chain Management

EPIC AmbassadorEPIC Ambassador Logo

If you are interested in becoming an EPIC Ambassador, please contact Patrick Williams at pbwilliams@waketech.edu for more information.

EPIC Travels Near and Far

It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane… It’s EPIC Tyler!

Tyler Dockery in Arizona wearing EPIC tshirt

Tyler Dockery, Assistant Professor in Advertising and Graphic Design, traveled to Camelback Mountain in Arizona and made sure he was EPICally prepared by taking his EPIC with him.

Please share your pics of your tote travel with us! It is exciting to see how far EPIC and eLearning travels. Send your pictures/stories to blhouse1@waketech.edu for our next edition of our EPIC newsletter.

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