eLearning Intro

keyboard-621830_1280We know many of you have demanding schedules and fitting required courses into your day can sometimes be a barrier to completion of your education.   That’s why Wake Tech offers the largest number of online courses in the state, and since we are all about your success, we created ELI.   ELI stands for eLearning Intro and it’s a learning readiness tool designed to reduce online learning barriers and support student learning, persistence and success in online courses.  ELI consists of three assessment modules, Expectation Management, Basic Computer Literacy, and a Blackboard Boot Camp.  By completing these modules with a 90% or higher, you can be confident that you have the necessary skills to flourish in your online courses.
1.  Who has to complete ELI?
Students who have not yet earned a passing grade in an online course at Wake Tech must complete the eLearning Intro even if you have an online course in progress.  Students who have successfully completed an online course at Wake Tech with an A, B, or C in the past 5 years have been cleared for registration in online courses.  Please note that the eLearning Intro requirement only applies to ONLINE courses, not hybrids or web-assisted classes.  The vast majority of students are completing ELI in less than one hour, but it can take 2 to 6 hours for your account to be cleared for online course registration after completing the assessment.  So, we recommend you go ahead and complete ELI as soon as possible if you are interested in taking any online courses this summer or fall.
2.  How to access ELI
Access eLearning Intro through Blackboard as you would any other course.  Use your Key Account credentials to login to Blackboard, then click on eLearning Intro in the course list.  Students who need assistance with registration for online courses should contact the helpdesk at 919-866-7000 or email elsid@waketech.edu.  For technical assistance with the eLearning Intro, students need to call the help desk at 919-866-7000 and select help with Blackboard.
3.  You are not alone.
Wake Tech’s faculty is committed to your success, and just to prove it, online instructors are doing their part by completing a two-year Online Instructor Certification program.  Wake Tech is committed to having the best online instruction in the nation.  It’s the Wake Tech Way!