The Wake Tech/Wells Fargo welcomes the Fall 2017 business planning class

The Wake Tech/Wells Fargo Center for Entrepreneurship welcomes the Fall 2017 business planning class.  17 small business owners and entrepreneurs met for the first session of the Comprehensive Business Planning & Startup course on Saturday, August 19th.

One of the largest classes in recent years is very diverse.  It has 40% majority and 60% minority representation and includes three generations; Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.  Each class member is working on a different type of business; a clothing line for children, hydroponic farming, senior living homes, hat and wig maker, coffee & gift shop, interior design, and life coach…just to name a few.

This diversity in class composition enhances the benefit each student receives and could create lasting customer and strategic partner relationships.

They will invest 7 more Saturday mornings learning about and thinking through every element of their small business or startup.  Expert facilitator, Jim Joyce of Sales Partners, Inc., teaches the class and draws from a rich pool of subject matter experts as guest speakers, to complement the curriculum.  This is the 37th business planning course that Jim’s has taught in the Wake Tech/Wells Fargo Center for Entrepreneurship.

The next class will begin in January but an exact date has not yet been selected.  If you want to be on the interest list for the new course, please send an email at .  Contact Katie Gailes, Wake Tech Director of Entrepreneurship Initiatives, with your questions (, 919-335-1004).

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