Veterans Entrepreneurship Advantage (VEA) Graduate Starts New Venture

This picture begs the question ‘Should we offer a course on how to take selfies?’.   But the occasion certainly needed to be captured and cataloged.

It was great to catch up with Edward Danyo, a graduate of the Wake Tech/Wells Fargo Center for Entrepreneurship’s fall 2016 Veteran’s Entrepreneurship Advantage (VEA) course; a special business planning course just for veterans, active-duty military, and military spouses.  This course was first introduced introduced in 2015 as an experiment.  We were trying to determine if there was value in offering a business planning course exclusively for a group, like veterans, who have a very strong shared experience.  The experiment proved that the comraderie and shared values among people in the military (and we consider spouses as people who have served, as well) creates a special energy in the classroom.

Thanks to funding from Wells Fargo, students attend for free and are served a meal before each class.  Whenever possible, the food is purchased from a veteran-owned restaurant or caterer.  The class is facilitated by a veteran business consultant.  And most of the subject matter experts who appear as guest speakers also have a close military connection.

Edward credits attending this class with his current trajectory as an entrepreneur.  He attended the class to increase the momentum on his established business, Indigo Dynamic Network and it’s EZBookIt tool for leisure and recreation venues.  After completing the class, the Center recommended him for the HQ LABs Accelerator, a collaboration between NC Idea’s Groundworks Lab and HQ Raleigh.  That experience led him and his business partner to pitch their new venture, the Hush Buddy, at the August 18th TechBreakfast.  Congratulations to Edward Danyo on his entrepreneurial journey and  continued success.

The Fall 2017 Veterans Entrepreneurship Advantage (VEA) will be held on the Northern Wake Campus from September 12th – November 7th.  If you are a veteran, active-duty military, or military spouse and are interested in receiving more information or attending this class just send an email to to receive registration information.  You may me with your questions (, 919-335-1004).

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