New! Tuition Payment Plan!

Wake Tech is proud to offer students a convenient new tool for budgeting and managing educational expenses. The college is now offering a tuition payment plan that allows students to pay tuition and fees directly from their checking or savings accounts, or by credit card. Payments can be made in installments, according to when the students enroll.

“Some of our students lack the resources to pay the full tuition bill all at once,” says John Saparilas, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services. “The payment plan prevents that from stopping students in their tracks. They can pay in increments while getting started (or continuing) toward their education goals.”

The payment plan is not a loan program. Students incur no debt. No interest or finance charges are assessed, and there is no credit check. The cost for the interest-free monthly payment plan is $25 per semester, a nonrefundable enrollment fee. Students must sign-up for Wake Tech’s payment plan by January 4, 2017, to take advantage of it for the spring semester.

Wake Tech has partnered with Nelnet, a third-party student loan servicer based in Lincoln, Nebraska, to offer the tuition payment plan. Nelnet specializes in the administration and repayment of student loans and education financial services.

Career & Employment Resources

cer-novNovember is National Career Development Month!

Are you interested in exploring your career path?  Career & Employment Resources is hosting many events this month highlighting practical strategies, options and benefits to setting your career in motion. Check out our events page to register for the upcoming sessions.

At every event, you have a chance to win a padfolio!  Come early!

First Year Academy

Are you transferring to a 4-year school? Wake Tech’s First Year Academy (FYA) is dedicated to promoting student success by teaching strategies that help students achieve their educational goals. The e-newsletter will contain “fun facts” by our dedicated faculty as well as submissions from students.

FYA Fun Fact – Submitted by Carter B. Minter, Associate in Engineering (AE) Student:

Need a reading strategy? Try this one from a fellow student who used it in medical school.
We all recognize the natural tendency for our minds to drift as we read dense, academic material. Our attention and input for our brain can’t be sustained for very long, but you can grow this ability easily! The process is simple. Begin working, reading, or studying your notes. The moment you begin to read or acquire whatever knowledge it is that you’re using, start your timer. When you notice your attention waning or shifting, stop studying, note the time you sustained your attention and do something enjoyable for 5 to 10 minutes. Now, resume studying and wait until you realize you’re losing your focus. As you continue to do this wave form study technique, you’re time and focus will increase in both effectiveness and intensity rapidly.  It is my hope that by teaching this wonderful method, that perfectly complements how the brain absorbs and stores knowledge, I may be able to help my fellow students to succeed.

Student Open Forum: “It’s Time to Talk”

With the most recent and relevant issues in our communities and country, Wake Tech understands the importance of engaging in open dialogue. Communication is one of the Core Values of this institution; therefore, it’s time for us to talk. We will offer the opportunity for these crucial conversations to take place by providing an Open Forum for students to come and speak openly asopen forum
well as in a safe environment about any topic. Communication is not only the cornerstone for learning, but vital to building a strong bond within our community with peers, faculty and staff. The college strives to improve and enrich the lives of all of our community members. The Forum will be held on Main, Perry Health Sciences and the Northern Wake Campuses. You are cordially invited to come and share your thoughts and feelings…It’s Time to Talk.

Location Date Time Facilitator
Main Campus – SSB Rm 212 Thursday, September 15 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Tiffany Williams
Perry Health Sciences HS2 – Rm 308 Tuesday, September 20 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Tiffany Williams
Northern Wake NE – Rm 204 Tuesday, September 27 12:30 pm – 1:30pm Tiffany Williams